Okay Blog......

So I suck at maintaining a blog.  Just like i suck at many things that require some amount of dedication while strangely other things that require a bit of dedication get a bunch.  I needs to prioritize better.  The lady says i've changed a lot.  I of course have no idea whats going on.  I love the fact that i just finished my probation at work and am learning things all the time.  I love coming home to my boy after work every day and seeing his first smile when i get in the door. 



So I bought an Suv.  I said I never would but i did.  This is a good thing for my family a bad thing for me.  I've been super stressed since i made the deal because I have learned to fear spending money above all other things.  Unfortunately that coupled with my inability to deal with my feelings in an appropriate manner I have been lashing out at my queen.  Apparently the sheer terror of buying a new vehicle i am not sure i can afford has caused me to become an asshole.  I am so worried about having the money to pay for it that I don't want to spend money on anything else for a while.  I know that i am making good money and as of now it looks as though i will sail through my probation period at work without a hitch.  I have however made a very bad move by getting the truck before my probation is over.  I was anxious to begin paying it off though so i thought the sooner the better.  Now i just have to avoid anything negative at work for 2 more months :(  Needless to say that I am now back to my old paranoid, uptight emotional self with an un-needed tendency to lash out.  Although it's quieter than it was in the past it still unnecessary.

Anyway it's a neat truck and i get to drive it to work tomorrow.  my baby boy is going to love it.  He's getting so huge and i miss him all day at work.  and his momma.  And I look forward to hanging out with him when he's awake at home :) 

Hopefully I'll get over my headcase self and mellow out once a paycheck   or two goes by and i see that i can manage all the expenses and the baby needs on one income.  This is all new to me.  I'm terrified.  As well i need to make major lifestyle changes like refrain from smoking and drinking and go workout more often.  My back is killing me and I'm sure doing all this at once will be a piece of cake.  Or the death of me.  I guess in a way I have already died a little since i am not the person i was and all i need to do now is finish off the rest of me and become someone newer.



Ok so I got my job back where I did my internship and started my apprenticeship.  I'm stoked to be there and really enjoy the job.  Right now is a shutdown so there is a lot going on and I am experiencing high than normal income as a result.  Since I started back right at the beginning I haven't been able to get things like computer log ins sorted out so for now I am "trusting" them that my pay is correct. 
I really wanted my first post about work to feature a picture of where i work as taken from the end of my street and i may still get one now that i have a new camera.  fuck capital "i"'s.  And "f"'s apparently.  Working a lot has been great and i enjoy most of the people i work with.  There is a place I have to go to get things.  These guys there give everyone a hard time about asking them for help obtaining things and it's not fun when someone says i have to go there be.cause those guys always sound upset that you asked them for something even though it's their job to give you things. But I refuse to have any feelings other than enjoyment of being at work since I  hopefully have a long career ahead of me there.  Now that I am working I'm experiencing a ton of lifestyle changes.  I have 0 personal time usually and come home just in time to see the lady and the mighty before we all go to sleep.  I don't have company over at all nor do I go anywhere.  I miss my lady and my boy, and to think only a few weeks ago we were tired of tripping over each other.

I have nothing else to say atm.

I pre ordered cataclysm today

I will be playing it at 3:07 am on dec 7.

I'm a nerd.

My baby has gotten cuter and a whole lot fatter.  I bet he is 20 lbs right now as the last time he was weighed he was 17 and it's been a while.  He can almost sit up now an he laughs and smiles and is happy to see me when i come home from work.  I stopped for the first time the other day and bought him a toy on my way home from work.  I'll probably do  that 1,000,000 more times as he gets into cooler toys and i need shit to play with :)  I can't wait to buy his first basketball and likely will this xmas :P    I'd also like to find a baby sized acoustic guitar for when he's 1 maybe 2.  Today i saw him sit up on his own with no chair and no help.  Mama sat him up and then he used his arms to keep himself from falling forward and pushed himself up to look at me.


Snake Victory

The snake is the last of the many reptiles that have been my pets and she hasn't been eating so well lately.  This week was the exception.  I fed her yesterday and she nailed that sucker right away and gulped it down in about 13 minutes.  Made me very happy.  Today I can only say that based on her behavior she figures there's room for one more.  It makes me really happy and the fact that I fed her in front of the "mother-in-law" while she was freaking out the whole time made me very happy.  I added the song to the video because i had to speed it up a bunch.  It was just too long and that meant the shrill cries of the M.I.L would have sounded like smurfs in a blender.  That's pretty much all thats been highlighting my week besides the Lady and I making our return to the Ymc-gay and having dinner with Nan and Grandpa tomorrow.  Lots of videos were taken of the boy this week but they will likely end up on facebook so more of the ladies friends can see them.  Like they give a shit about my blog :P



Well Sorry about the pics but this is what my life is now.  I'm a dad.  The left picture has made us crazy for the past a week or so ago.  We called people rushed to doctors and read the interwebs but everyone said just watch it and yada yada yada.  Well the second picture made us ecstatic because all the red was gone and we have now stopped taking poo pictures but i can assure you all that the baby is making more normal looking poops.  It is amazing the concerns that you have once you have kids compared to the concerns you have before you have them.  Previously my biggest concern was when my bag of weed was empty but now since I haven't had any weed around me for like 4 months my biggest concern, and oddly my greatest excitement, seems to be the poops my boy makes for us.  So lemme just end this post by saying Parenthood WTF!!!!


Plauges and Plastic Pumps

Today the little M.F. Just wasn't feeling well and had funny looking poop (would have included picture but felt it would be a little graphic).  We postulated that it could be because of mommas lactation situation (which seems like its good, maybe too good) but then we remembered she had mussels for lunch yesterday and all of our fussing seemed to start afterward.  we had a trip to the doctor because we were also worried about his little eye that goups a lot and for the last 2 days would seem red near his eyebrow when he was giving us shit for being bad parents.  The doc said his eyes look fine and just to keep watch of it since we were concerned and as far as his poops go we should be mindful for a week and see if it was just a fluke or a persistent pickle.

Momma's mama hooked her up with some dough and told her to treat herself to some goodies.  She got these sweet shoes and I'm sure she likes them but I think they are for me :)  The bottom is also pretty fuckin' awesome.

She got herself some outfits and a few other things that are definitely just for me and we won't be taking any pictures of those. 

To end this blog post a random shot of my baby sith as I don't want him to feel neglected should he ever take time out of his busy nap day to read my blog.